What 1 thing could attract your ideal clients, customers + career opportunities?


“If you go blonde, you’ll work more”. I still remember the day my Hollywood manager told me that. At 17 years old, I wasn’t mad at having 30 national commercials under my belt already but I had not yet broken into Film + TV.

I did it, platinum even. And the truth was – I DID work more! That was my first lesson in personal branding.


Seems like a lifetime ago I was fully embracing my Sedona Shaman side, I loved being barefoot in the desert, so boho bhakti-chic (I don’t know if that’s a word but it’s my word for it. LoL!).


As I became a teacher at the Sedona college + established myself as a mentor, I realized I needed to elevate my personal brand that related to working with women on self love + relationships as the archetypes, “lover”, “rebel” + “every girl”. 

I love juxtaposition brand archetypes – using two opposites, but supportive. I’m the leather + lace kinda girl. Denim with diamonds. 

Moving from self love to self leadership, I level up again.

Every time I elevated my brand, it up-levels my business.


But see, the top 2 industry favorites to tell you are that you just have to identify your “Ideal client” + create “magnetic messaging” to attract your ideal clients. That’s only half the equation. 

If you’re not attracting who you want to work with then you aren’t making the income you want (whether that’s getting to or past that 6 figures) or you’re putting out content all the time but not generating the engagement

And you find yourself in comparison + competition with others being where you want to be…..


The missing piece is that you haven’t established a personal brand presence that would speak to your ideal client/customer in a way that they identify with + will trust.


In personal branding there are three primary components I teach, combining astrology + the psychology of archetypes with business strategy. 

PRESENCE: your brand archetype image, your look, the energy you emit that your ideal client responds to. 

PERSONALITY: The YOU, your authentic self that is like no one else. What makes you + what you offer unique. 

PROFITABILITY: A signature method + scalable model that will set you up for long term growth.


As an online entrepreneur, you have to define your personal brand first, otherwise you come across as average, getting mixed with the thousands. 

Add dimension to your personal brand, rather than being too bland, just one note. 


If your branding isn’t the foundational part of your marketing strategy then don’t market anything until you do. Or you might be at the point now when you’ve been marketing + have to now circle back around to get your branding on point so you can grow. 


Remember, YOU are your brand.