Balancing Life + Business!

Okay – If you’re like me, balancing life + business is like Egypt’s Goddess Ma’at balancing the feather with a heart. You really want to stay focused on being positive, deepening your relationships / connections + working  towards achieving your business goals. 

Can we say “Yasss, please”…..Well, what fuels your drive? What keeps you motivated? And how do we stay balanced in life + business. How do we be fulfilled doing it?


As an entrepreneur, who wants to make an impact in this world, I found there are 4 P’s that are a must know for being fulfilled in doing what you love, being seen as a leader + making money at it.


Truthfully, I wish I knew these when I was starting out but it took me till I broke the ceiling of 6-figures, to finally learn the 4 elements every business woman needs to have a fulfilling + profitable business, especially for a high-impact personal brand.


PASSION – What lights you up, what you love, that you are also really good at. Your passions change over time + through significant events. Your passion is what fuels your motivation to pursue your purpose.  

PURPOSE – It is the determination behind your desire to create your business. The fuel for the impact you want to make. It’s the deepest reason “why” you want to accomplish your desires. To offer something that is a contribution, that makes a positive impact on others.

PRESENCE – When you are in alignment with your higher self, your calling, the centered, most spiritual aspect of your identity, THAT energy is your radiance. It’s that indescribable thing that transcends a person’s looks, it is the most important of all the “p’s”, it is what you bring into every livestream, meeting, sales call, etc that builds instant trust.

PROFIT – this is more than just making money. Or “knowing your value” as you’ve heard. This is about falling in love with the benefits that come from making money. Learning to enjoy luxurious things, letting go of what people will think of you if you allow yourself to receive more. Its the fullest expression of your feminine. Money is like your lover, be open to letting your lover love you.


Not everything you are passionate about can be or even should be turned into an avenue that makes a profit. But when you can intersect all 3, while unapologetically owning your leadership presence, together, they lead to ultimate fulfillment.And that will keep you going, even in the face of uncertainty. 


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