Breakthrough Self Doubt By Conquering Your Inner Villain

Ahhh – yes, the loop of uncertainty, doubt + second guessing just keeps spinning like a dryer setting on high with a broken knob. Believe it or not, this feeling is normal. 

I feel like I can say that with complete confidence, having been an entrepreneur since I was 13. Sometimes I think the more success I’ve had, the more self doubt voice creeps in to bite my ass. Hahah! 

So you are either just starting your online ventures or you could be established in your career…..Have you realized there’s an inner dialogue that is getting you stuck + keep you from getting to the next level? Have you heard it yet?


I’m sure you’ve been doing positive mantras + affirmations in your gratitude journal every night. 


I remember sitting awake at night with a racing mind of fear driven thoughts, playing out worst case scenarios + my inner critic (I call her Cruella) that would repeat, “you must not know enough yet or you would be able to get yourself through on your own”. 


And it was true, there was something I didn’t know yet because clearly all the “mindset” reframing I was doing still wasn’t getting to a deeper level. 


It’s not supposed to be so hard. See, it’s kind of like there are two different’ playlists in your mind. 

One is your passion playlist – it’s got all the songs that pump you up, keep you inspired to achieve despite all odds. The lyrics are like your highest self, singing to you everything that is your truest, most authentic self. A voice from your soul that drives you forward to fulfill your purpose. And each one of the artists reflect a different part of your emotions + your character. 

This playlist is obviously what you want to listen to most often, right! It’s going to keep your energy in alignment with your mission. 


You think the problem is that you don’t have enough positive lyrics (mantras + reframing) on your passion playlist. It’s not your fault, that’s what most people say is needed. Just be more positive, just practice patience, just write what your grateful for, just shift your perspective. I call bullS#*t! 


This practice of “forced positivity” is actually trauma forming to your nervous system, as it bypasses being present with how you really feel – but explaining that is for another time. 


Mindset reframing works in the beginning but doesn’t cut it at the next level.


The real reason those don’t work is because there is ANOTHER playlist, the “shadow playlist”. Its the one that is like the worst genre of music you hate. Like death metal (for me but maybe that’s your thing).

Like all the screaming, yelling, pressure with lyrics are all your negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, fears. Anything that comes out from the shadows, up from the depths of unresolved pain. It’s all the stories of the villain + the victim that show up in our daily lives – when we are not so nice to ourselves, or when we play the blame game.

I mean let’s not get morbid but no wonder all “death metal” branding is dark, unearthly, zombies, demons – all that.  

To be clear, we don’t judge it, it serves its purpose + it is part of the polarity of our human spectrum. 

But that being said, it’s a lot harder to go after your desires in life + business when Rob zombie is yelling in your ear at a level 10.


Try hearing your positive mantras now! Try to bring out your best self now. Try to stay in a positive mood now. Ummmm. This is why it’s so hard to get unstuck. This is why all the “crap in your head” keeps you in self doubt + sabotage. Because you can’t hear your authentic self. There is no peace to align with your highest self. 


And all the artists on the shadow playlist are in complete conflict with the artists on your passion playlist. 


When I first discovered that there was a way to actually delete the lyrics on my shadow playlist. And I mean forever, remove them from deep within my subconscious…..GAME CHANGER!

No fluffy “just be positive” stuff, an actual 5 step strategy that releases all emotional attachments to negative thoughts, without bypassing.


Now, every time I do this with my clients, they say:

“omg, I can’t explain it but I just feel lighter”…

“now I can actually feel my positive emotions rather than try so hard to have them”…

“It’s harder to even think of those negative thoughts”.


When you know how to recode your limiting commands, you can trust yourself to be prepared for getting to the next level in your business, no matter what is happening in the world. 

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