Secrets To Success Hidden In Your Subconscious

NOTE TO READERS: This one is mostly for the ladies (gentlemen, I got you next time)


Soooo, there is this cool guy I”m kind of obsessed with (+ that’s the moment the gentlemen sign off. Hahah)

…..But a healthy obsession, I love smart guys) – Carl Jung. If he was alive, I swear, I could brain-gasm alllll day with homeslice. 


He’s most notoriously known for identifying five main archetypes—the persona, the shadow, the anima or animus and the self the engaged parts of ourselves that we are not always conscious of.


Then identifying the characteristics of what we know to be twelve brand archetypes as: The Innocent, Everyman, Hero, Outlaw, Explorer, Creator, Ruler, Magician, Lover, Caregiver, Jester, and Sage. 

And you thought branding was just about fashion +  colors! Hahah! NO!


I nerded out on creating a whole google slide deck explaining each one, their shadow + the moment of life transitions they are associated with. (*DM me up if you want it)


Every time you experience a major life transition, you might slip through a “shadow archetype”. Think of the last movie you watched. What were the deeper challenges that character went through before finding resolve? 

Sometimes we judge the “shadow” thinking it is dark, evil, bad or wrong when in reality – it’s part of being you. Life would be boring AF if you didn’t get challenged, if you weren’t able to then overcome that challenge + feel the sense of achievement. The positive side to the archetypes are what help you rise above those challenges + limitations.


I read a quote that said “Archetypes are the secret forces behind human behavior. Because archetypes reside in the unconscious—the part of our minds we aren’t aware of—they influence us without us knowing it.”


It is the reason why I teach how to influence your unconscious identities to achieve your goals + elevate your personal brand using archetypal psychology, is foundational in the work I do. 


Remember the “spice girls” – who doesn’t! I mean “tell me what I want, what I really, really want”. Oh god, stop, Serah, that’s embarrassing! 

But who was your favorite? Maybe you saw a part of you in each one. 


When I would take on character roles in tv/film, I did the prep work on the psychological elements but what really had me “step IN”, was always the make-up + wardrobe. Most importantly, for me, it was always the shoes. Tennis Shoes always made me feel like a kid. Give me stilettos – game ON!!!  


Ladies, you know exactly what I mean – nothing beats that! Put on some pumps + all of a sudden you’re like “step out my way, bitches – I got this”. 


When an actor creates a character, they reference archetypal psychology + expand on them, creating their own. All actors have to have a deep understanding of SELF in order to accurately + believable portray the example to others. I remember building each character, even just for auditions, I would imagine them in a realm of my mind. When I needed them, I would access their energy, embody their “personality” + let them shine through. 

I (my ego_) had to get out of the way though… “inner critic” could not have a voice or the archetype would not be able to be fully expressed. 


Now I teach a similar aspect with my clients doing “parts + integration work” (the psychology term). Because what happens when your “success archetypes” + your “struggle archetypes” argue?  That’s inner conflict. But when we discover each persona, love the shadow persona, integrate them + embody the ones that help us reach higher levels of “success” 

That’s the mastery work, more on that later…..back to…..


Using it in branding – make sure who you feel you are authentically + how you want to be seen in the world are congruent. When achieved – that’s what I call a “profitable personal brand”.

This isn’t just about positioning yourself so you can elevate your business, attract your ideal clients + create demand for your offers + live your life on your terms. 

This is about rewriting how women are positioned in the world.

Putting HER (your most authentic self) front + center so she can be heard, seen + acknowledged.

Because, ambitious women bring wisdom to the world that will create a ripple effect for future generations.


This is about leveling the balance in all industries for all women, for the feminine – creator essence to be elevated.

And how you are seen in the world is what sets a new standard now.


Your personal brand is how you do that.

Your personal brand is your currency for career success. That’s been one of my secrets to success. Learning the inner workings of our mind + thus understanding others (clients) better too. 


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