Write Your Personal Brand Story using Archetype Psychology

“Your personal brand story represents who you are and what you stand for. It tells the tale of your personal or company’s origins, values, goals, and mission.

The narrative is to create an emotional response + connection.” – author unknown


When you’re at the point of needing to write or rewrite your brand story – what’s needed to establish an emotional connection with your audience + show where your expertise came from.

You’ve all been on your own rollercoaster of a journey of self discovery + even business/career development. But many of you struggle with where to start when defining the chapters of your personal brand story + how it will relate to your audience/future clients. 


It’s hard to reflect back on what you’ve been through + then be asked to put it into an organized format. I totally get it! AND some things you may not want to revisit. I personally resisted MANYYYYYY chapters of self destructive, self doubt + unflattering episodes, nay, what seemed like seasons, of my personal journey. LOL! 

I resisted the F*k out of my mentor, at the time, taking me through a process. My internal “enforcers” with a deep, darth vader voice, loomed high above my head. Looking down, sayin, ”Noooooo – we do not unlock that vault!!!!!…..we do not remove the pad-lock!!!!!!” 

Sometimes it would just be easier to do pictures + sticky-notes for each year.  

Sometimes you can’t even recall some years or you sit there with a blank page. 

After I completed my personal brand story, having incedvile mentor to hold a healthy space for my reflection without judgment, I got a truly unexpected gift. It was the most fulfilling experience, not just for my business but for myself.


Mental health is always important to put first when taking yourself on a journey of reflection. 

A great tool is to actually imagine past versions of you by seeing them outside of your own vantage point. See yourself as if you’re watching a movie, as an observer.

When I like to do is include the archetypes in each phase, so it is like assigning the character you played in every chapter, who you’ve become at each phase.

Since the archetypes are part of the collective consciousness, the readers can also have an opportunity to see themselves in your journey, which builds the rapport, relatability + ultimately trus.  


Here is a simple 7 step formula to visualize your journey, using the archetypes. 


  • Describe Your Before State
    • Archetype: The innocent maiden / Bachelor
  • Describe Your Tension
    • Resistance to change phase: What the innocent Bachelor’s or Maiden’s resistance (this is where masculine + feminine alchemy either integrate or fight within yourself?)
  • Your Call To Adventure
    • Archetype: Traveler / Explorer – can be Rebel
  • Your Journey
    • Archetype: Every Man / Every Girl
  • Your Super Powers
    • Archetype: Hero / Heroine
  • Your Tests of Initiation 
    • Integration Phase: Putting into action 
  • Your Victorious Return
    • Archetype: Who are you becoming (your choice)


In the Profitable Personal Brand Academy we dive deep into crafting a competing personal brand story for you, so that you can build stronger relationships with your audience / clients. 

For more information, I invite you to watch my  on demand video series, the Profitable Personal Brand Masterclass which comes with a complete psychological breakdown of each archetype you can apply to your journey as well as use it to understand your clients/customers on a deeper level.